Dungeon Defenders 2 Announced

Trendy Entertainment has announced Dungeon Defenders 2, the sequel to the popular tower defense co-op action game Dungeon Defenders. This time around they’re trying to appeal to both the original fanbase and bring in new people, by splitting the game into two modes of play – one a cooperative mode that is said to be the true sequel to the original, and a competitive Multiplayer Online Battle Arena(MOBA) game mode. No release date has been given yet, but the game’s competitive mode is already in closed beta testing and the cooperative mode is said to go into beta later this year or early 2014.

Dungeon Defenders II is the sequel to our popular tower-defense role-playing game, Dungeon Defenders. Unlike it’s predecessor, Dungeon Defenders II features a cooperative and competitive mode. Heroes, cosmetic items, pets, and more will transfer across both modes.


The cooperative mode is the true sequel to Dungeon Defenders. Expect more heroes, more towers and even more loot. New features like an expanded story and a 24-player overworld are also in the works.


The competitive mode is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena set in the Dungeon Defenders universe. Together, 5 players will take up arms to defend their towers against the opposing team. This fast-paced, streamlined MOBA aims for a shorter learning curve and more rpg-esque take on the genre.


Dungeon Defenders II is currently in development for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, & Web.

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