Dreamfall Chapters Hits Kickstarter Goal

Dreamfall Chapters has successfully hit its Kickstarter goal of $850,000 with 20 days left. The developers have expressed their gratitude in a Kickstarter update:

In just over ONE week, we’ve already reached our target, and Dreamfall Chapters is GO! This is all thanks to you, our fans and friends and supporters. Because of your generosity, your enthusiasm, your tireless dedication, the story will continue and this game is no longer just a beautiful dream: it’s real!

And now it’s OUR time to deliver. We promise to make the best game we can possibly make, one that lives up to your expectations and the legacy of The Longest Journey saga. A game that we can all be proud of. A game worthy of your generous pledges. And we’ll keep you involved, every step of the way.

But first: stretch goals!

Coming up at $900,000 we have the Mac and Linux versions. At $950,000 we have The Loremaster. And at ONE MILLION DOLLARS we have A Longer Journey. We’ll reveal more stretch goals as we go along — and we’ll also reveal more exciting details about our ULTIMATE stretch goal, The Longest Journey Home.

Thank you all again for your amazing support. We can’t believe we’ve managed to pass our target so quickly! We have three exciting weeks left until the campaign is over, and we have a TON of cool stuff coming up, including a look at a BRAND NEW location next week, more videos, more concept art, more screenshots, more gameplay, more of EVERYTHING. So please stick around, it’s going to be great fun!

They have also announced the new stretchgoals for the game. At $900,000(which they already hit), they’ll release the game on Mac and Linux. At $950,000 they’ll introduce The Loremaster to the game, and at $1,000,000 they’ll provide you with a longer experience.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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