Cube World: Ambitious New Title Available In Alpha, Looks Like Minecraft Meets World of Warcraft

Cube World: Ambitious New Title Available In Alpha, Looks Like Minecraft Meets World of Warcraft

Some of the most interesting PC games, turn out to be independent projects or mods done by ambitious fans of games in general.  Minecraft was a great example of this, and ended up being a gaming phenomena, despite remaining in some Beta form on the PC for what seemed like a life time. Following in the same tradition, Cube World has finally entered an Alpha Stage, and the game looks equally expansive, with a retro aesthetic to boot.

Cube World, created by desginer “Wollay”, has been working on the game since 2011 as a side project. What started out as a love letter to games like Zelda, Secret of Mana, Minecraft, and World of Warcraft, soon became this massively adorable epic you could just get lost in. Much like many of the games that inspired Wollay, Cube World is all about exploration, adventuring, and fighting through lost dungeons for some sweet loot.

The game plays out like an open world action RPG you’d expect, but the scope of the game is rather impressive. With constantly generating worlds with new boundaries, to an infinite leveling up system, and a never ending slew of customization, Cube World is as tempting as it is daunting.

While the game is available to buy, they have been experiencing technical difficulties due to a number of reasons. Keeping in mind you will be playing an Alpha version of the game, you’ll have to be open minded to the raw and untested nature of the game. For anyone with a curiosity for fun game design or a cool new RPG experience, Cube World is shaping up to be something special.

Check out the game trailer below to see it in action:

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