Best Ranked PC Cases For Building A Better Rig

Finding the right hardware for your PC can be a chore. With so many choices on the market, and a lot of differing opinions, making up your mind on what’s right for you can definitely stall the upgrading process.  While there are a lot of really good brands out there, the process of elimination can make you lose focus on what really matters, and that’s bang for your buck. I’ve gone ahead and compiled the top 5 best PC cases around, to try and help ease the pain of shopping around for good PC tech.

1. Corsair Obsidian Series 800D 

If you’re looking for top of the line, look no further. The Corsair Obsidian Series 800D is the latest and greatest in PC hardware. Coming out late last year, after a number of delay’s involving perfecting the design, it’s clear to see why the Obsidian 800D has wowed tech fans the world over.

With a focus on building a case from the ground up, Corsair went all out in providing the most versatility they could in the 800D. With an aluminum face plate, and a steel structure, the 800D stands proud with a solid simplicity…and a hefty weight too. This case is looking to take you years down the road, and standing tall at 24″ and weighing in at a solid 44 lbs, you know the 800D is a powerful beast before you even open it up.

With great size comes great customization. The 800D was created with a multi-GPU card set up in mind. The amount of tech you can put in this thing is astounding, and Corsair has gone up and beyond to optimize the ventilation system. They’ve included three different cooling zones, allowing for maximized air flow for peak performance. With the ability to customize the top of the 800D with up to 3 120mm radiators and the option for 3 120mm fans, you’re definitely provided options in efficient heat management.

With an internal setup designed for gamers in mind, the 800D continues to deliver from the inside and the out. with 5 5.25″ drive bays, space for a dual slots graphic card (in one of the 7 expansion slots), and even extra ventilation where the dual cards would rest. Ideal for top of the line graphic cards, in helping to vent some ill needed hot air out of the system so you can push your hardware to the limit. Perfect for a multi-GPU video card setup and conveniently constructed to support high end gaming and beyond.

With spacious insides optimized for major and constant upgrading, a mindfully crafted setup for peak GPU and graphic card performance, and a sleek aesthetic to make your rig looking better than ever, the Corsair Obsidian Series 800D is in a tier of it’s own.

If you’re a die hard PC gamer looking to upgrade to something truly beast, look no further then fierce pc.

2. Thermaltake Chasar MK-1

Combining the best of both worlds, the MK-1 provides a basic approach and a wealth of options. Representing the plunge into the less affordable, the MK-1 does a very good job of reminding you of why it comes with a heavier price tag. The case is huge by comparison, and a massive amount of storage capacity to go along with it. The MK-1 also pulls off a very powerful look. A unique design with hard curves and standout features, the MK-1 is as attractive as it is functional.

And how functional it is. The MK-1 is built to last, and the difference in size and capability will be clear for gamers to see. You’d think with all the extra space, you’d need a hefty cooling system to go along with it. This baby doesn’t sport as many fans, but it doesn’t need to. A rear 140mm fan, 200mm front fan, and 200mm top fan is all you need. The MK-1 was specially designed for superior ventilation and air flow, remaining at a constantly controlled and very well vented environment. As a bonus, the fans even have a color coded illumination system, for anyone who wants a flashier alternative to their PC cases.

The top mounted HDD docking station circumvents the need to use a side panel, for easier and quick installations. The cable management is well done, with a see through cable system neatly organized for maximum efficiency when managing your rig. With options for liquid cooling systems, 4 5.25″ external drive bays, and an easy I/O panel (supporting two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.o ports, one eSATA port and two audio ports), the MK-1 is a great go to for any gamer with some extra cash and some style.


3.  NZXT Phantom

A real award winner here. The Phantom is  not ideal for the gamer on a budget, but will add some much needed versatility and style to your overall setup. With a variety of customization options and a sizable interior to do so, there aren’t many ways the Phantom gets it wrong. One of the standout features here are the 7 fan cooling options, perfect for anyone looking to get the most out of performance. Coming complete with dual radiator support, quad water cooling cutouts, and an integrated fan control with up to five 20w channels, The Phantom dares those who wish to overclock.

The Phantom can brag about more than just a cool nature. The screwless rails on the case make customizing and swapping tech a cinch. With mindful wire management, support for larger heat sinks and graphic cards, and enough space to support up to 7 hard drives and E-ATX motherboard support, The Phantom is not to be taken lightly.  

4. Antec Nine Hundred Two V3

Moving on to something a little bigger and better, Antec’s Nine Hundred  Two V3, represents a best seller for the company. A little pricier than our previous entry, and with good reason. Starting with a sturdier look, the Nine Hundred Two V3 boasts a solid steel design and heavy duty see through side windows that give the design a harder edge.

This case is also very manageable, with both sides coming off for easy management, whether it be switching out new innards  or just basic cable management. With well placed cooling systems (washable fan filters included), a USB 3.0 slot, and 8 expansion slots for multiple graphics cards, you”ll have a lot to love without spending much more.


5. Cooler Master Elite 430

The Elite 430 from Cooler Master is a great pick for anyone looking to buy something quality on the cheap. While you won’t be getting anything over the top and mind blowing, the money saved will be a nice reminder of what you end up getting in this modestly priced case. With a basic black steel body, the Elite 430 goes simple in aesthetic, without looking dull.

The case provides a lot of basic options for modders, and provides a tool free build to help make modifications quick and easy. The Elite 430 is even an ideal choice for the gamer pinching pennies, as the case will even accommodate for the latest and greatest in graphic cards with a rather high volume capacity for some of the markets better hardware.

A great choice for someone looking to skimp on the dollars and not the quality.


That concludes my look into the wide world of PC Hardware, in providing some of the best bets for PC Cases on the market today. Whether you’re working on a budget, or want to be the envy of you’re gaming buddies, this list contains a fantastic array of options. If gaming is worth your time, just make sure you get what you pay for.

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