Xseed Won’t Bring The Fatal Frame Series Back In North America

Given how much effort Xseed in spending in bringing many niche title in North America, many gamers are turning to them to see their favourite japanese series in English. Of course not all pleas can be heard and today we have some sad news to share with all Fatal Frames fans: Xseed has no intention to bring back the series in North America.

A fan has emailed the company asking if they have any intention of bringing the series back in North America: Fatal Frame 3, released on Wii, was announced for a western release that never happened and a new spin off of the series has been recently released in Japan, with no news for a possible english version. Xseed answered by saying that the company has no intention of working on the series and the fans’ only hope is to email Tecmo Koei and show them there’s some interest around the series in the west.

Some time ago it was reported that Nintendo has bought part of the rights of the series, with the intention of keeping it to Nintendo’s consoles. No more has been said since then, sealing the series’ destiny in the west for now.

The Fatal Frame series is an interesting survival horror series which started on Sony consoles before seeing its last entries developed on Wii and 3DS.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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