Xbox One’s Smartphone-like Ability

Xbox One’s Smartphone-like Ability

With yesterday’s reveal of Microsoft’s new Xbox One, a lot of brand new changes and tweaks were shown. One that wasn’t though, was the apparent ability of One to let you turn your system off and resume your game EXACTLY where you left off, as told by Microsoft’s corporate Vice President of Interactive Entertainment Business.


Ben Kilgore stated that this new ability would let any person playing a game to simply pause the game and turn off the console itself. This would function much in the same way as smartphones and tablets work, allowing you to take a break from your gameplay to switch to other tasks or apps such as the new TV-On feature or enjoy the new partnership between Microsoft and the NFL. Ben Kilgore went on to say that:


“One of things that we haven’t talked about is the way the saved game architecture works,” he explained. “It’s more like a phone a little bit. So you are not going to lose your save game stuff as you are switching between tasks.”


This allows for basically any game to be saved on the fly, but it also counters the already in-place ability of save systems in games. So far, the choice on whether or not to still put save systems into games comes down to whether the Game Developers still want to include one as opposed to just letting the new One style of saving games itself take their place. What do you think of this new feature? Is it a step in the right direction or not? Let us know in the comments below.

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