Xbox One DRM Issues Still A Threat? Early X1 User Reports Not Being Able To Even Access System Settings After Ban

In a somewhat worrying turn of events, now famous gamer Moonlightswami who had Target ship him an Xbox One early on accident, now says that after the ban Microsoft issued him for going online with the console before launch day, is now disallowed from playing Call of Duty: Ghosts offline.

In fact, he can’t even access system settings.

In a developing story that started on video game forum Neogaf, a string of tweets and odd occurrences have led to some worried users and rampant speculation. This whole issue started when Moonlightswami, who had his console banned by Microsoft, was then contacted by Microsoft’s Major Nelson, saying the ban wouldn’t be permanent. One of the conditions to the ban lift, however, was Swami having to sign an NDA, saying he could no longer tweet information about the Xbox One, which he had been doing a few days prior.

Where the situation starts getting worrying, however, is due to recent developments, involving Swami not being able to play Ghosts offline after the ban, and seemingly even more damning, Swami can’t even access his own systems settings after said ban.

Swami tweets is odd situation:

What’s worse, is that after an attempt to question Majornelson about the subject, he merely replied with this:

While this issue may just be tied to the fact that Swami’s Xbox One is still under ban till launch, this whole thing is ripe with confusion. Given that Swami himself said he couldn’t access the basic system settings on the Xbox One, means this is some special kind of odd. Even in the possibility the console is still in need of another patch to function appropriately at launch, why would violating the terms of Xbox Live prevent Swami from using specific aspects of his console not tied to the internet? From reports, the console ban seems to make the system basically inoperable.

Even if this is too soon to point any major fingers, this may reinforce a couple of grim facts about the Xbox One.

1. Microsoft has the ability to lock you out of your console entirely, if you are ever banned.
2. Third Part Publishers (Like Activision) can still selectively choose to implement DRM on their own titles.

We’ve known for awhile that third parties will on some level have the option to evoke DRM, even though Microsoft themselves reversed their own DRM policies for the console, which may be some slick word play. DRM may not be an issue for the console on the whole, but it may still become a serious issue, when you consider DRM will be from a game to game basis, based solely on publisher decisions. This situation may yet be a cause for alarm. I don’t put it out of the question this situation could be a huge misunderstanding of course, and may just be an after effect of the banned console being effected by a lack of proper firmware updates before launch, but the question persists.

Will Microsoft indeed have the ability to brick your console if you are banned? And how effortlessly will Third Parties force their own version of DRM, effectively taking the choice away from the consumer to play the game offline?

All of this is speculative, but since Swami has only been able to communicate he can’t use his console at all, and is under NDA from saying anything in depth about the system, things are unfortunately quiet on the Xbox One.


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