Xbox One: #1 For Video Games On Amazon Best Sellers List

In a somewhat shocking revelation, it seems as if The Xbox One is currently holding #1 top seller in Amazon’s video game category list. Take a look for yourself.

And, because I know this list is in a continuous loop of hourly updates, I provide picture evidence for peoples from the future.

I had heard rumors of such happenings, but had for some reason brushed it aside as irrelevant. Upon further assessment, I realized it was important to witness this for my self, and the discovery was indeed startling. Some interesting truths have arisen from my recent internet fumbling, and I’m not sure what to make of it all.

I’m not surprised that the Xbox One has remained in the top 100 for the past 16 days. Despite the massive(ly deserved) outcry about DRM involving the system, the core audience will still be a large one. This on top of likely gaining a sizable casual audience who don’t have the care or concerns about online restrictions, which seems to be what Microsoft was going for with the Xbox One reveal in late May.

The one thing that surprises me about all of this, is indeed The Xbox One taking top spot on Amazons best video game sellers list, due solely to Microsoft’s reversal of it’s DRM policies. The surprise comes from Sony’s strong showing during E3, and Nintendo’s simpler approach to hardware, both offering more focused gaming experiences than Microsoft has presented. The XB1 overtaking the PS4 on Amazon however, does indicate to me, perhaps a few more than just the core gamers were paying attention, and really did care about these anti-consumerist policies. Once reversed, they showed thanks for MS’s response with their wallets, in reversing the terribly backwards policies.

This of course, is when my interest fully peaked. With a system costing $100 dollars more than it’s competitor, and still having committed to the threat of DRM, I’m wondering what message this sends Microsoft. If the system can succeed based on early hype and at least for now, confident promises about policy changes, what’s to stop Microsoft from pulling another 180? More so, I’m surprised such an immediate and positive consumer response met these claims, by helping the XB  gain massive momentum in terms of preorders.

With all of the patching and online infrastructure changes taking place in a single year now a days, has no one considered that the Xbox One will be DRM free…at launch?  So soon we assume that we are in the clear, everything is said and done, having nothing to fear but fear itself. Well, fear may lie in an unknowable future, for if Microsoft does indeed decide to backtrack once again on their own policies, no DRM for The Xbox One will be one of the most notable examples of timed exclusivity gaming has ever seen.

Time will tell.

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  1. I kinda feel bad for completely brushing this article to one side as it seems a lot of work was put into writing it but…It’s so wrong on so many levels. Xbox ONE holds the first spot for more sales in the past 2 weeks, but that’s just one model. PS4 actually has 3 different bundles in the top 10. Combined it actually totals more than the Xbox ONE sales, nto to mention that the launch edition has completely sold out. Also for a more accurate list check:

    Machinima also have an interesting video on the topic. Search ‘PS4 sells MORE than Xbox ONE?’ on YouTube

  2. No worries on the fact check, Joashwaaa, and don’t feel bad about the effort or time put into this article, was a quickie at a late hour.

    The fact that the XBox One holds a first spot for sales on Amazon for any amount of time is still shocking, which was the gist my main point.

    So, whether or not the PS4 is in fact overall more popular in pre-orders, which I did not do thorough research on is irrelevant. My shock and awe comes from the rather drastic swing around in Xbox One pre-order momentum, after Microsoft “reversed” their caustic DRM policy.

    Not many absolutes were made in the article, just observations, and a rather cynical approach to what would happen if this policy change was once again reversed.

    Thanks for the heads up though.

  3. I am actually surprised as well since it seems that PlayStation 4 is selling way more consoles that the game sales are weaker? (and also I dont think they include the ps4 bundles as video game sales). Now that xbox one did the 180 on all the crap they where trying to pawn on us maybe their console is selling better now.

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