Rumor: Gears Of War Kinect Strategy Game Currently In Development

Among the exclusive Xbox 360 series, the Gears Of War series is probably among the most repsected and successful ones: the series spawned 3 sequels and another game of the series, set before the events of the first game called Gears Of War: Judgement will be released during March. Many thought the Judgement would be the last game of the series released on Xbox 360 before the series jumps on the next generation hardware. Some leaked images, however, suggest that it may not be the case, even though the next Gears Of War game could be really different from the other games of the series.

VGLeaks has posted some leaked screenshots of a real time strategy Gears Of War game which can only b

e controlled through Kinect: the screenshots appear legit, save from being of really quality. VgLeaks states that they come from an early presentation of the game and the final quality of the game will be much better. The image show a team of 4 units, most likely taking part in a defensive mission: the game will be controlled by kinect and units will move by tracing a line with your fingers. If done properly, this new Gears Of Wars game could become a true killer app for the Kinect and a basis for more hardcore games in the future.

As of now, Microsoft and Epic haven’t commented on the matter: more news will come in the near future.

Source: VGLeaks

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