Looks Like The Kinect’s Surveillance Capabilities Have Not Been Forgotten

It’s no secret the Xbox One has continued to receive gross amounts of negative feedback in regards to the Kinect. The systems DRM failings when first announced, in combination with reports of  Microsoft having to work with the NSA for “legal purposes”, made many weary of the ever present camera device bundled with every Xbox One.

Many crisis’s have been averted, and several perceived flaws have been reversed since day one. The Kinect being a concern, however, is still a sentiment that’s alive and well.

In an article that was released by Adage today, the cold reminder from an Xbox One marketing rep, reminded interested parties of the Kinect’s capabilities. While the camera will not always be turned on, nor implemented at every  turn, that’s not to imply the device isn’t entirely capable of extra curricular uses.

In this case, advertising and sales data purposes.

Mehdi, at the Association of National Advertisters’ Masters of Marketing Conference, made comments about the Kinect’s capabilites, when the gaming giant begins working with ad agencies like Advertising Age. The reminder of what the Kinect’s future reality may hold, is a sad one indeed.”

Mehdi remarks about Microsoft’s techno-mancy:

“Xbox One can essentially work like TV that watches you, bringing marketers a huge new trove of data…It could have a big impact on pricing. It could have a big impact on pricing,” he added. If even a fraction of likely Xbox One users could be persuaded to share data, the technology could create the world’s largest panel for measuring biometric responses to advertising.”

With the known patents Microsoft has passed, and everything the Kinect is capable of, like sensing heart beat, the nefarious (albeit) conspiratorial  results of what could be achieved are worrying. I won’t deny the system looks to have fun launch games, and will likely have a robust library down the road, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen a game console become a regular topic within social debates, involving political and corporate motivations on quite the same level as the Xbox One.

On one hand, I think to myself this is way over blown, and the Xbox One is being sensationalized like so many other aspects of our culture by the media. On the other hand, I am familiar with what the power of greed can wrought, and the thought of the Kinect being utilized to commodify gamers on an immediate level, is a disturbing notion that’s becoming harder and harder to put out of my mind.

I never thought I would have a bias against any gaming platform, outside of an incredibly low quality software library. Now it seems, their may be grand social implications to purchasing a console, if these doomsday scenarios come to pass as true.

Gaming has become a political affair it seems, and now more than ever, we really are voting with our wallets for the changes of the future.

(Via Adage)

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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