Xbox 360 Set To Win In This Generation

It’s been said over and over that the impressive sales numbers for the Wii Console would end up making Nintendo the winner of this close to ending generation, something that didn’t happen ever since the golden days of gaming, where Nintendo and Sega where the only contenders in a yet to develop market and industry. Some recent reports state something different though: the Xbox 360 will be the winner, in the long run.

There’s actually some reasons behind such statements made by DFC Intelligence: while Nintendo has already moved on to the Wii U, Microsoft’s main focus is still its current gen console. And the Console’s performances have been steady, with 2012 sales being as good as ever. By 2017, the console will have sold over 46 million units in the United States alone, with the Wii at 42 million and the Ps3 really behind them with 33 million consoles.

Nintendow as definitely set for victory a couple years ago, but some issues are going to prevent them from winning: together with abandoning their Wii, the company has indeed enjoyed good sales for the Wii U but in truth, the software sales have been incredibly low, signaling an issue that must be corrected in the future. Nintendo need good first and third party software to enjoy continued success.


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