Watch Dogs New Gameplay Details

Watch Dogs is setting out to be one of the most interesting titles of the generation: the fact that it’s also coming on next gen consoles will surely help those consoles get a good head start during the launch window, given the usual lack of a good selection of titles.

Aside from the E3 footage and the recent showing at the Playstation Meeting Event, not much is known about the game. New details have emerged today after a Q & A session with Jonathan Morin, the creative director of the game.

The city of Chicago, where the game is set, will become one big weapon for foes and allies alike: everything and everyone in the city is connected through a network and as such, hackers have the ability to do anything they want to. This means that gameplay wise there will be a lot of ways to deal with dangerous situations: it’s a system which will make players think hard about all their possibilities.

The game will also have a reputation system which will work differently from similiar systems: the game will stress more the grey area of our society. Gamers may want to play the game however they want and never face any true disadvantage but they will definitely notice the difference with positive or negative influence.

With so many possibilities, gamers will also be able to explore a lot of the buildings found in the city: the game is really going to be massive and offer tons of contents.

Watch Dogs will be released during this year on Ps3, Xbox 360, Pc, Wii U and next gen consoles.


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