Too Human Pulled From Xbox Live Marketplace, No Longer On Sale

Following the problems between Silicon Knights and Epic Games over a breach of the Unreal Engine license agreement and the disclosure of Epic Games’ trade secrets which resulted in Silicon Knights loosing the legal battle, all the developer’s titles using the Unreal Engine had to be removed from the market. We’re talking about a few games, including X-Men: Destiny and Too Human. Silicon Knights had until December 10 to remove these titles from the market and it looks like this has finally affected the digital versions of such games.

Too Human is no longer available for purchase from the Xbox Live Marketplace as of yesterday: the game is still listed but all content related to the game like the game title itself, the Gamer Pics and Themes is no longer available for sale. The only way for players to be able to get their hands on the game is through the used market, since all unsold copies of the game had to be removed from the shelves and destroyed.

This isn’t the only thing Silicon Knights were ordered to do: together with the games’ removal from shelves, they also had to pay over 9 million dollars, almost double of the initial 4.5 million dollars a jury awarded Epic Games. When it was found out that Silicon Knights was fully aware that they were breaching the agreement, things could only have gone worse for them and they actually did.


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