Tomb Raider Won’t Be Coming On Wii U

The new Tomb Raider game, a reboot of the series detailing the past of Lara Croft and how she became the woman we all know, will be launching in a little more than a month on Ps3, Xbox 360 and PC. Nintendo fans have been trying to get Crystal Dynamics release a port of the game on the new Nintendo console, Wii U, and it looked like the petitions were working, thanks to some rumors stating that a port was in the works, developed by Straight Right: it was all because Chris Slater, a member of the team, stated that they were porting a triple A Square Enix game to Wii U.

Crystal Dynamics has shot down all rumors today, confirming that the game will not come to the Wii U: the developers have crafted the game with the already announced platforms in mind and have managed to create their vision for the game by using their exclusive features. While Crystal Dynamics creative director, Noah Hughes, loves how Nintendo always tries to push things forward, trying to force a port of the game wouldn’t be doing justice to the console’s unique features: a bad implementation would end up only damaging the game. To make a good Wii U game, the game itself has to keep count of all the console’s features, making the best out of the Gamepad’s unique features.

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