Tomb Raider First DLC Map Pack Hitting Xbox 360 Version First

The inclusion of a multiplayer mode in the new Tomb Raider game raised some suspicions among players: was the mode included just for the sake of it or did the developers at Eidos have some good unique ideas?

We still don’t know that with the game still having to release in Europe: the previews of the game stated that the multiplayer mode was actually created to be completely in line with the rest of the game.

Introducing a multiplayer meant something for Eidos and Square Enix: easy DLC extra content. The game will receive it first extra DLC multiplayer maps by the end of the month: the DLC will be available for the Xbox 360 version of the game on March 19, with the other two versions of the game getting it sometime later.

The pack, called Caves and Cliffs, will include three new multiplayer maps, located on the same island as the main game: the three locations will be pretty unique and challenge players even more than the standard multiplayer maps.

No release date was given for the Ps3 and Pc versions of the game: we can expect the DLC to hit these version a couple of weeks after the Xbox 360 version.


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