The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Plot Progression Won’t Be Linear

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was only revealed a few weeks ago and it’s already one of the most anticipated releases of the year: Cd Projekt Red had promised a lot of nice things with the game and more details have emerged about the game.

Just like it was previously announced, the game will be a non linear experience, where player’s choices will have an impact on the plot progression and ultimately ending. There are a lot of different paths in the story and each one will lead to a different ending: there will also be a lot of impactful decisions and with multiple choices, the game will have high replay value.

The decisions will also impact the world around Geralt, the main character, in more ways than one: all the NPC will react to him in a different way, making the game world feel incredibly alive.

Adding to the plot non linearity is the open world created for the game: gamers will engage in a lot of different activities which will not impact the plot but still bring some kind of advanced to the players. According to the developers, the game can last from 50 to over 100 hours, depending on the player.


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