The Last Of Us Was Censored For Europe

It looks like European players have played a toned down version of The Last Of Us, Naughty Dog’s successful survival horror game released two months ago on Sony Playstation 3: a few reports floating around seem to confirm that the North American version is the unedited version of the game while the European one seems to be missing some of these elements.

The news came from a community manager who has answered a private message from a fan: the censorship had to happen due to the local regulatory boards.

The censored elements are all found in the multiplayer mode of the game: the European version of the game is missing certain elements of gore in the multiplayer mode like Survivors getting dismembered and less blood. It’s nothing too big but some players may definitely want to play the game as it was intended.

As of now there’s nothing that can be done: some fans have asked about an option that would allow to switch on and off the excessive gore but it doesn’t look like it can be done due to the regulatory boards and their rules.

The Last Of Us is now available in all territories exclusively on Playstation 3.


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