The Last Of Us Latest Update Introduces The Interrogation Mode In Multiplayer

A new title update is now available for the highly successful game The Last Us, which was developed by Naughty Dog and released exclusively on Playstation 3. The new titles update not only brings the usual fixes and tweaks for the game but it also adds a new play mode for online multiplayer called Interrogation.

The only way to win an Interrogation match is by opening the other teams’ lock box and the only way to do so is by interrogating five members of the other team. You can interrogate opponents by using the shiv or by downing them.

Here are the full patch notes for Patch 1.03:

Single-Player Fixes

  • Fixes for “It’s me” and “By any means” cinematics in the Cutscene Viewer.

Multiplayer Addition

  • New game mode — Interrogation

Multiplayer Fixes

  • Revive range has increased slightly (about 1 meter). It’s more difficult to crawl out of range when a teammate is reviving you now.
  • Players can prevent opponents from finishing Executions/Interrogations so that the opponent does not receive Parts for the special Execution/Interrogation. The downed player will still lose their life, but this makes preventing Executions/Interrogations more helpful to your team, as you prevent the other team from gaining Parts.
  • Matchmaking update: players should find opponents around their level of experience more often, and teams should be balanced more evenly.
  • Item cache locations adjusted for balance on University, High School, Lakeside, and Downtown.
  • Starting cameras adjusted so they show your player with greater frequency.
  • Item cache disbursement tweaked so additional items are given out more fairly.
  • Winning a Survivors match by a count of 4 rounds to 0 now means your team will get more bonus parts for winning the match by that margin. This applies for games with scores of 4-1, 4-2, etc. as well. Rewards are tiered by how dominant your team is. This system is in place for Interrogation mode as well.

The Last Of Us is now available in all regions exclusively on Ps3.

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