Tecmo Koei Canada Closing Down

Tecmo Koei Canada will be closing down at the end of March, an official from the studio has told Financial Post. The Toronto-based studio, originally established in 2001, was responsible for developing Fatal Inertia and Fatal Inertia Ex, as well as mobile games like My Monster Rancher and Samurai Cats.

“It was definitely an interesting experience at Tecmo Koei Canada,” former employee of Tecmo Koei Harold Li said in an interview. “We had a ton of talented people who put in their best efforts, and it’s unfortunate that things didn’t go as well as it could.”

According to other local studios, Tecmo Koei Canada’s closing comes off as surprising, but the studio itself has always kept a low profile.

“They’re one of those companies you kind of know is out there, but they don’t really have a large presence in the local game scene,” Miguel Sternberg of Spooky Squid Games told the Financial Post in an email.

“I do hope the folks who’ve been let go land on their feet. Maybe a few of them will join the growing ranks of Toronto indie devs.”

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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