Take A Look A Pokemon X & Y Starters, In All Of Their Evolved Glory

There they are, in all of their awesome glory. As seen above, the Pokemon X & Y Starters have been finally and fully revealed, with both their second and third forms on display for the Pokemasses to gawk at.

While Nintendo has been very stern about trying to prevent leaks about the hotly anticipated X & Y, information is inevitably going to keep dripping out. The starters of each game, are always of massive interest, acting as regular fixtures on any first time trainers team. The slew of options we have, are once again fire, water, and grass, so as to not entirely change the trend of the starters traditional types.

As you can see, each starter gets progressively more fearsome as they evolve, though they don’t seem to follow a traditional theme, like other Pokemon with a more pronounced style to their design. Just as a quick recap of each evolution, the flow charts are as follows:

Froakie–> Frogadier–> Greninja

Fennekin–> Braixen–> Delphox

Chespin–> Quiladin–> Chesnaught

I like what they did with Chespin out of all three, as he seems to fit the best into his naming mottif,  slowly gaining more of a chestnut like shell, until he becomes a full blown and all natural bi-pedal armored tank.

Metal Gear!? Nah, it’s just Chestnaught, and he’s here to crack some heads.

Fennekin, while not as distinguished in progressively changing, does continually take on more of a feminine form, with good loyalty to her fox like nature.

Doubt Delphox will be a ditz, however…I’m guessing Delphox will flaunt some major speed, and bring the fear with a fiery rage, much like her hot headed predecessors before her.

Last up, Froakie, who has definitely seemed to have adopted the “soiherdulikmudkipz” personality of the three,  and ends up as lost in his third form as he is in his first.

The only difference? While Froakie seems to be lost in his own goofiness in his first form, his third form, Greninja, is lost in the darkness, as he continues to sport some seriously aquatic ninja like looks.

Pokemon X & Y inches closer and closer to it’s world wide launch of October 12th launch. With just a mere 9 days to go, the hype builds to unbearable levels, as Pokemon Masters wait eagerly to get their hands on the most exciting installment yet.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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