Street Fighter X Megaman Version 2 Available Now

Street Fighter x Megaman has become since its release quite a success: Capcom’s way of celebrating the Megaman series 25th anniversary started off as an indie game before catching the eye of the company and receiving their full support. The game is a 2d shooter-platfrom hybrid, in the way of old 8 Bit Megaman games, where players will control the blue bomber and fight their way in stages themed after Street Fighter 2 stages: at the end of each level players will fight Street Fighter characters like Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Blanka and others.

Despite the good reception, the game suffered some slight balance issues: Capcom has acknowledged them and last week promised a new update of the game, which couldn’t be considered as a simple patch, but entirely as a new version of the game. The patch is now available: controller support has been added, as well as the ability to take screenshots, a new hidden character, a few glitches fix, and some balance tweaking for the M. Bison Boss battle with the boss being buffed up.

If you wan to know more about the updates contained in the patch, you can over to Capcom Unity: you can also download the patch from there.


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