Steam: Green Lit Indie Game Strike Vector Wows With New Trailer

Steam is never in short supply of new experiences or gaming goods to thrill us with. Project Green Light helps to put the Indie devs in the spot light, and games like Strike Vector is just one more good reminder of why this is a good thing.

A new trailer from Strike Vectors developer was released today, and it perfectly represents what SV is all about: Aerial Awesomeness.

With it’s roots in an aerial dog fighting game, Strike Vector looks to combine that immersive feeling of being sky high, with the intensity of air borne shooting fests. The trailer shows off that either third or first person modes can be used on the fly. The first person mode definitely created a sense of adrenaline angst in me, as the ship zipped forward while being miles above the planets surface.

The combat looks equally thrilling, with what looks to be some serious ship customization. Between the fantastic visuals on display, and the smooth gameplay, it’s hard to believe an Indie studio of only four people created this game.

Check out the trailer below:



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