Square Enix Planning Some Celebrations For The SaGa Series’ 25th Anniversary

Among the many role playing game series developed by Square Enix during the course of the years, the SaGa franchise is one that has pretty much disappeared in the West in recent years. The latest game of the series, a remake of SaGa 2 has remained in Japan while other recent games have been released on mobile platforms.

This is truly a shame, considering how different the series is from other JRPG franchises, bringing many innovative ideas that very few games incorporate nowadays.

It looks like something new may be coming for the series during 2014. According to Japanese site 4gamer, Square Enix is actually planning some sorts of celebrations for SaGa’s 25th anniversary. The news came from Akitoshi Kawazu, creator of the series. What’s actually getting planned is unknown, but it would really be good to receive a new game of the series on home consoles or handheld.

The latest game of the series to get released in the West is Romancing SaGa: Ministrel Song, a remake of the first entry of the series released on PS2 some time ago.

Earlier last week, the same end of the year interview published on 4gamer revealed that the “Bravely” series future will depend on how well the second game of the series performs. You can read all about the matter by going here.

Source: 4gamer.net

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