South Park: The Stick Of Truth Could Not Be Auctioned by THQ

The economic crisis has made some victims even in the gaming industry, with many companies forced to do lay offs or close altogether, filing for bankruptcy: the latest example is from Atari U.S, using the chapter 11 filing to escape the grasp of their french owners which supposedly were limiting their creative visions.

The THQ financial problems have filled all news outlets of late, with the company deciding to sell most of their franchises to other companies, with Sega, Ubisoft and others interested in these properties.

Today is fianlly the day of the auctions and some details have emerged for one of the titles on sale, South Park: The Stick Of Truth, a role playing game based on the South Park universe. From recent news it looks like THQ can’t sell the game to others without the consent of South Park Studios: the studio itself has the right to buy back the game at an time, given that THQ also owes them a lot of money.

THQ has responded to the claim stating that they will be solving their problems with the studio, but THQ still holds the exclusive rights to the game and even have evidence to back their claim. One thing is certain: an already complicated situation has become even worse and the destiny of the South Park game is still unknown.

It would be a shame if the game gets blocked by this issues: it looked really promising even outside the South Park themes.


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