Sony: Still Not Getting It Right With The Vita

As  a Vita owner, I hopelessly cling to the idea that, somewhere, someday, Sony will be as kind to the system as I am.

I’m constantly proven wrong.

In an article posted over on the OfficialPlayStationMagazine site, Sony UK Boss Fergal Gara tries to hype expectations of current and undecided Vita owners, as to why the system has yet to take off…

“It’s a PS4 in your pocket.”

If that sounds at all familiar to anyone, don’t act surprised. We were hearing the very same thing from Sony execs and developers alike  last year and the year before about Sony’s portable. The only difference? Back then, the Vita was a PS3 in your pocket.

Sadly, Sony keeps on making the same mistakes in selling their own system, as Mr. Gara goes on in the interview to play out these tired sound bytes of a once promising platform:

“PS Vita was a PS3 in your pocket”, and while he admits there was, “a certain amount of truth in that,” it was more down to, “the graphical resolution and the power of the experience”

He continues to say this is due to both the hardware and info-structures of the Vita and PS4 being more compatible, and built from the ground up with each other in mind. Despite the obvious oversight in saying the Vita’s potential lies in a system that will launch almost two full years after it’s own rocky start, Mr. Gara goes on to say:

“One potential issue that raises is what will happen to the Vita if it increasingly becomes seen as a remote terminal for the PS4, rather than a console in it’s own right? Gara admits that’s a “good question”.

While I understand that cloud streaming will make the Vita a viable and extremely versatile accessory for the PS4, I don’t think selling a $250 video game console should ever be hyped as “an add on”. The compatibility is nice, and will be a bonus to the wealthy or dedicated who scrap up the cash to do so. However, the Vita, much like the PSP, seems to be cut off by Sony at every corner, in trying to become what Sony has forgotten the system to really be.

A portable video game console. Without games, this dedicated platform becomes a controller for a system that’s not out yet, and how many consumers really want to hear they’re just another $400 away from unlocking the systems “true potential”….

…two years later?

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