Sony Lowers PsVita Sales Forecasts Again

Despite being such a beautiful piece of tech, the PsVita is still struggling on the market: hardware alone cannot make high sales, as Sony is learning. Sony’s apparent lack of direction for its new handheld is having a high cost, with the console losing all over the world against the competition. And the lack of games is the main reason for this situation.

Right after launching, Sony hoped to sell over 10 million PsVita worldwide and 6 million PsP, for a total of 16 million units sold by the end of March 2013. In August SOny lowered the sales forecasts by bringing the number to a total of 12 million units sold, without stating individual sales figures.

Now the forecasts have been lowered again, with total sales amount to only 10 million units combined: the lack of projects which may make gamers on the fence get the console is mostly likely to blame for this.

Sony has been trying to change the situation with the announcement of Killzone: Mercenary but honestly, the little Sony console will require much more to be saved from these lackluster sales: after only a year, the PsVita future doesn’t look to bright. Aside from a handful of upcoming quality games, there’s really not much going on for the console.


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