Sony Boss About PS4 Vs Xbox One: “We Are The Challengers”

Sony Boss About PS4 Vs Xbox One: “We Are The Challengers”

The next gen battle for supremacy is at hand, with the launch of both the PS4 and Xbox One only a few months away. Gamers are eager and excited to get their hands on one or the other (or both), and are looking forward to their launches with each passing day.

Gamer’s aren’t the only ones fervently talking about the next consoles, with many execs putting in their two cents about where their platform stands.  While Sony has been known in the past to have been arrogant about their console, this current generation has seemed to tranquilize their hostility, leaving major figure heads like Shuhei Yoshida for example, showcasing regular modesty.

One of his most recent statements made to website, has the Sony Boss humbled by the work to be done in North America to win consumers over, citing Microsoft’s dominance with the 360 as a big hurdle to overcome:

“It’s a little hard to talk about specific numerical values, but the proportion [between North America and Europe] is pretty much the same we had with the PS3. However, because of the large number of people in North America and the size of the market, I feel the market share there is a little low [compared to Europe]….

…I’m not saying that the PS4 is losing at the moment, but the Xbox 360 was very strong in North America. That’s why we’re working there with the mindset “we are the challengers.” I think that when you have a strong rival, it’s good for the market as a whole. We want to do our best so that we won’t be defeated (laughs).”

I feel like it was just yesterday when Sony was making mockery of the press, with Jack Trenton even telling EGM’s Editor in Chief Dan “Shoe” Hsu that he would give him a $1000 dollars if he could find one PS3 on store shelves, despite a horrific launch for Sony’s $599 game console and an abundance available to consumers.

The times, how they are a changing.

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