Sony Acknowledges The PsVita Requiring Better Promotion And More Games

During the last Sony investors’ call, Sony has unveiled its results for last financial year: it’s not been a good year for some of its products and the PsVita is in an especially critical situation, with sales forecasts dropped three times in a year.

The PsVita hasn’t been profitable for Sony so far, and Masaru Kato realizes that the console need some better promotion altogether: one of the things the console need is more attractive software. And not only from first parties, but from other developers as well.

Kato also added that he doesn’t think the console’s price has to do anything with the lackluster sales: as long as a console gets many high quality games, gamers will buy it, as long as it is reasonable and the PsVita does indeed have a nice price, it’s just that it lacks some strong points to make gamers buy it instead of the Nintendo 3DS or other mobile devices.

While the PsVita is having a hard time on the market, the Ps3 is till going strong, entering its sixth year of life with many high profile titles incoming, despite the talk of its successor. Kato states that, while Sony as a whole dropped sales forecasts for many of the company’s products, the Ps3 forecasts haven’t been touched at all, meaning that the console is still a sound success and Sony will keep supporting it even after the Ps4 reveal.


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