Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS Development Progress Hindered by Sakurai’s Injury

Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai is still suffering from RSI, which is causing immense pain in his right arm and hand. Because of this, he has warned fans that it may affect the length of development.

Speaking Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, he also notes that he currently has a very distinct lack of time to work on the project, as he is busy overseeing other people and holding meetings.

“As a director, I don’t have much time in the weekdays to proceed along with my own work. The entire day is spent overseeing other people, holding meetings, working on other proposals, making visits elsewhere and so on. If I can get everything squared away, then I can work on my own stuff, but most of the time there’s just an overwhelming lack of time. Often I go in on my off-days to catch up on my own work, but with my body going on me like this, I have to cut these extra days out of my schedule and even with that I can’t use my right arm very much to control things. If this disorder lingers, or if it never gets fixed, there’s no telling what impact that would have on the project.”

Being the dedicated man he is, Sakurai is still committed to working and doing what he can to playtest the project.

Until his right arm gets better, he is forced to gnarl his left hand around a game controller in order to test the current version of Smash Bros..

”I’ve had to control two characters at once in a lot of game projects up to now, so as long as I keep it to simple moves, this works well enough. It doesn’t go that easy with the Nintendo 3DS version, though, and the debug camera is pretty hard to control. Still, now I realize how important it is to have your health. I’m glad I’m still in good enough shape to work.”

Already the burden of handling a franchise with one of the largest fanbases is enough to respect Sakurai, but the fact that he continues to do what he can under such pain and busy schedules is very commendable. Best of luck to the guy and his team – we’re all rooting for you!

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