Sim City Beta Beginning Next Week

The new Sim City game has divided the fanbase in two due to some of the new features included by the developers: the game will have a permanent online world where players’ actions will have a bigger consequence on all the cities. The developers have stated that this was a natural evolution for the series: all the towns created in the previous entries of the series all looked the same and that’s hardly of a real city in a real world would look like.

We still don’t know how that is going to work out but we may soon find out as the Beta Testing phase is going to start next week: the beta will only last three days and players will only be able to try out a single hour of the full game. It’s not much but still, it’s better than nothing. Players who have already signed up will be getting in the Beta testing phase for sure: everyone else who may wishes to try out the game before its release, coming on March 5 on Pc, can sign up for the Beta here and hope they’ll be able to get in. And even if you don’t, you probably won’t be missing much, with the game coming in a little over a month.


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