Rumor: Playstation 4 Features A 8 Core CPU, Fast Ram And More

Not a single day can pass without hearing some new unconfirmed news about the next gen consoles: with all the hype surrounding them one would expect Sony and Microsoft to come out and say something but all these rumors are met with silence, and the only thing we can do is read about them, droll but then remember that they’re just rumors.

Digital Foundry has apparently received some “hard data” on the technical specs of the Orbis, the rumored codename of the next Playstation console and from the looks of things, it’s going to be a real powerhouse: the Orbis should be including an eight core CPU clocked at 1.6 GHz, 4Gb of fast DDR5 RAM and a “secret sauce” which will make everything even more powerful.

What’s this “secret souce”? Digital Foundry doesn’t say anything about it, except for the fact that the console will include a GPU-like Compute Model which will be able to handle CPU intensive tasks, being able to draw some extra power out of it.

As simple gamers, this probably doesn’t interest us much: we want to see the console and we want to see games. It’s about time we know something real for these consoles but, as the companies keep their silent treatment, we’re just going to read more and more of these rumors.

Source: Digital Foundry

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