Rumor: Monster Hunter 4 To Be Released On PsVita?

Rumor: Monster Hunter 4 To Be Released On PsVita?

Monster Hunter 4 development has been quite some time and the game is still a few months away from release, at least in Japan: North American and European gamers will have to wait even more. Apparently, there could be a good reason behind this long development time, as reported by the japanese magazine Game Lab. According to them, Monster Hunter 4 is currently being developed for PsVita as well.

Monster Hunter 4 was announced as a 3Ds exclusive and was recently delayed to improve the overall quality of the game, according to Capcom’s official words: according to the rumors this isn’t entirely true since Capcom could be aiming to make a simultaneous 3DS, PsVita release this summer in Japan.

Without any official confirmation, this must be treated as a rumor, but it’s not so unlikely: before heading over to Nintendo consoles, the Monster Hunter franchise was born on Sony’s consoles. Even Monster Hunter 3, which was supposed to be a Nintendo exclusive, was released on Ps3 and Psp, at least in Japan. Monster HUnter 4 could do well for the new Sony handheld, still struggling with low sales on all markets.

Before Monster Hunter 4 gets release, fans will be able to enjoy another Monster Hunter game on the 3DS this March with the release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Source: Kotaku 

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