Rumor: Gamecube Titles Coming on Wii U Virtual Console

Today’s Nintendo Direct is getting hyped a lot this week due to the fact that Nintendo is going to announce new Wii U titles, something players have really been looking out for, given how very few of them are currently scheduled for 2013. The announcements will be handled like always by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, always at the fore front when it comes to his company. We can probably expect some big news and surprises just like a couple of weeks ago, when the new Pokemon games have been announced through a Nintendo Direct.

Aside from the official news, some forum members of NeoGaf forums have looked at the Nintendo Direct Site’s source code and have uncovered something interesting: the code mentions Virtual Console (Wii U), Nintendo Gamevube and Pokemon Mini.

The Gamecube games on the Virtual Console could be something big and not even so impossible since Reginal Fils-Aime has hinted a few weeks back, that the Wii U Virtual Console service would be offering something new and unique.

More news will come as the latest Nintendo Directs airs in the next few hours: whatever will end up getting announced, we can expect a lot of new content coming to the Wii U, hoping that the new software will make the best use of the console’s new features.

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