Rumor: Fallout TV Show Incoming?

Given the series’ popularity it was kinda expected that something outside the gaming world could be in the works for Fallout and now it looks like something may indeed be coming. Bethesda has recently registered a trademark in the United States for “an on-going television program set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world.”

This words can only refer to the Fallout series: ever since its beginning, the series has sported a post apocalyptic setting where the main focus of the game’s narrative was surviving in a wasted environment. This filing actually goes hand in hand with another small tease coming from voice actor Erik Todd Dellums: he tweeted that his character, the Dj Three Dog of Fallout 3 could be coming back very soon; he also stated that it was ok to tease this much so something was definitely in the works. Many fans speculated that it could be a new Fallout entry but now it looks like he was actually teasing about the Tv Show.

The Tv Show rumor aren’t the only Fallout rumors floating around: some rumors about the next game in the series have surfaced last week, detailing a possible Boston setting for the next game and some of the gameplay changes Bethesda would like to introduce to the series.

Bethesda hasn’t commented yet but given how much this is spreading, official words from the developer may be coming very soon.


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