Rumor: Dual Shock Won’t Be The Next Sony Console Controller

With every passing day, new rumors of next gen console appear on the web, with almost every one of them citing anonymous but reliable sources. Of course there’s no way to check if these rumors are true, without official words from Sony or Microsoft, but some of these appaer legit enough to at least acknowledged. The latest rumor on Sony next Playstation console floating around is that the Dual Shock controller design may be headed towards retirement.

The source of this rumor is an unnamed developer who is currently developing a title for the new Playstation: the rumor states that Sony stil hasn’t decided the controllers design yet and they’re looking at a few possibilities. Given how Nintendo could have set a new standard for controllers with the Wii U Gamepad, among the potential Playstation 4 controllers, Sony is looking at a controller with a touch LCD screen and biometrics: this doesn’t come as anything new since many Sony patents have been spotted with some new controller ideas.

At the same time we must not forget how the Dual Shock was almost shelved for the SixAxis controller, launced together with the first runs of the Playstation 3 and sento into retirement by another version of the famous Dual Shock controller.

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