Rumor: Dead Space 3 Awakened DLC To Be Released On March 3

Dead Space 3 has been released at the beginning of the month and it’s been doing good on the market, despite some controversy for the microtransaction features included in the game. The whole thing has been nicely balanced as not to create balancing problems during online co op modes.

The first DLC piece for the game called “Awakened” is being rumored to be released on March 3: the DLC was slated for a generic March release but a recent Tweet on the official Twitter Account, now removed, stated that the DLC will be coming on March 3.

It’s probably been a slip up by whoverer is in charge of the Twitter account: Electronic Arts , in response to the matter, stated that the DLC is indeed coming on March but on a yet to be revealed date. Most likely the publisher will want to put some promoting behind it before the final release.

After “Awakened”, the game will receive more DLCs packs, adding new enemies, weapons, upgrades and game modes.

Dead Space 3 is currently available on Ps3 and Xbox 360. A Pc version is also available and it managed to stir a bit of controversy for being a direct console port, not taking advantage of the extra horse power available for high power machines.

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