Resident Evil: Revelations To Be Released On Ps3, Pc, Xbox 360 And Wii U, New Trailer Available

If Resident Evil 6 may have received some mixed feelings about it, that’s something that didn’t happen with Resident Evil: Revelations, the 3DS entry of the long running Resident Evil series. The 3DS game looked like it was able to capture the horror feeling of older games in the series and combine it with the new gameplay mechanics that were introduced in Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil: Revelations will be coming on Ps3, Xbox 360 and Pc in May as it’s been rumored last week, when an achievements list was spotted on the net. The game will be an updated port with new graphics, an extra difficulty mode, new skill sets, an improved Raid Mode, new weapons and extra characters, with Hunk already confirmed and more to be unveiled in the next weeks. The updates will also spice up the gameplay so that even veterans of the 3DS game may find themselves surprised when playing this port: stages’ design will also be slightly altered to make the game even more scarier.

Together with the announcement a new reveal trailer has been made available, showcasing all the additions of the port: you can take a look at it at the end of this article and get back in the mood for some survival horror action.


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