Ps4 To Stream Ps3 Games Over Cloud Gaming Platform

Backwards compatibility has always been an issue when a new console hits the market: with not too many titles available on launch, backwards compatibility grants access to a bigger game library allowing early adopters more game to play. The Ps2 was backwards compatible with all Ps1 games and some early Ps3 models offered the function as well, before being scrapped to lower production costs.

With the upcoming Ps4 there was no talk on possible backwards compatibility with Ps3 games, with all the rumors talking about hardware specs and the new controller features. A report on the matter came from the Wall Street Journal today, stating that the Ps4 will be backwards compatible but in a different way.

A few months ago Sony bought Gaikai, a streaming platform, and rumors stated that the platform itself is going to be present in the official unveiling of the console. The WSJ has learned that the platform will be used to stream Ps3 on the new console, offering backwards compatibility: it’s still not known if the streaming service will be able to offer something other than old games, but the support for the console is there, solving an issue which could make or break the console launch.

And that’s not all: the streaming platform may not be working exclusively on the Ps4 but also offer the streaming service to the current Sony consoles, Ps3 and PsVita.

We’ll surely know more this Wednesday, when Sony will officially unveil its new console during the Playstation Meeting.

Source: WSJ

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