Ps4 Possibly Unveiled In May

While it’s become really common getting some unconfirmed news on the next generation consoles, with info at times being similar and at times contradicting themselves, it’s pretty rare to hear some news from manufacturer’s higher ups. In a recent interview Sony’s Vice President hinted at the announcement of the next Sony console.

Hiroshi Sakamoto spoke about a “new announcement related to the new Playstation”, adding that the news is still a big secret and that Sony Computer Entertainment and everyone related are working hard to get ready for such announcement.

While this is pretty cryptic and nothing we didn’t know already, when asked for more, Sakamoto specified that the team is currently focused on the next E3, hinting at the official reveal. However something could be coming in the months before the E3, saying that something could be said in May. When asked if he was talking about a reveal or a simple announcement, Sakamoto said that it was probably going to be an announcement: however nothing is for certain and he said that we will have to wait for May to know the truth.

If this ends up being true,  Sony will get a headstart over Microsoft’s competition: looking at the current gen, Sony is probably thinking that coming out before the others could make them earn a good victory.

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