Pokemon X & Y New Screenshots Available

The new Pokemon games have been announced just a couple of days ago and from the look of things, they really will change the franchise in more than a single way. Pokemon X and Y will be released on Nintendo 3DS during October 2013 in all regions. After the reveal trailer Nintendo has made available some new screens, showcasing the three new starters.

Pokemon X and Y will sport a few new things for the series: for the first time ever the classic top down view will be absent, with an all new dynamic 3D view in its place. The game will feature a mix of new and old pokemon which will be rendered in full 3D during battles as well. The game’s setting also looks different than before, with a few locations inspired by Medieval Europe and classic role playing games like castles and dungeons. Not much more is known about the games except that they will improve on the formula without getting too far from the series root, much like it was for Black and White and their sequels.

The new screenshots feature some artwork and in game screens of the new strater pokemon and some other artworks for new pokemons.

Pokemon X & Y will be released worldwide during October 2013, exclusively on 3DS. More details and footage will be coming in the next days.

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