Pokemon Creator Talks X & Y, No Paid DLC “As Long As I’m Director”

Among some of the biggest games coming out this holiday season, includes some of the smallest candidates for a critical hit.

Pokemon X & Y are slated for world wide release on October 12th. This marks the first time games have been released internationally at the same time, and also marks the jump into 3D for the Pokemon series on portable devices. Many fans have been salivating, ever since information the game’s first reveal earlier this year. With the inclusion of a new type, mega evolutions, and a 3D landscape to explore, X & Y are looking to provide the biggest evolution the Pokemon series has ever seen.

The game’s creator, Junichi Masuda, sat down with Pocketgamer to discuss the forth coming Poketitles, to elaborate on some of his personal design philosophies in the games creation. The interview touches on quite a few points, the most interesting of which is a sentiment that echos what many gamers believe about paid DLC.

The director comments on micro-transactions and the free-to-play model:

“PG: As Pokébank will be a paid service, have you ever thought of going down the microtransaction or free-to-play route with the series?

JM: Definitely not with X & Y, we feel it’s really important to have this complete game that can be played as is, so we don’t have any plans to have additional DLC.

PG: Not even as an idea for future releases?

JM: [Laughs] Maybe! But not as long as I’m director. One thing I always say about the Pokemon games is that you want to make it something you can give to a kid – of course adults also play it too – and they have a complete experience. “

The interview has a lot of interesting insights, including how Masuda really wanted to reinforce the notion of caring for your Pokemon,  by introducing Pokemon-Amie into the design of X & Y. A good interview if you have a moment.

While I’m a bit bias on the subject of hype in terms of Pokemon (I’ve been a fan since Red/Blue), Masuda’s design ideas are refreshing for such an age old series.  X & Y look ambitious, and not in the least of which is a lot of the stuff under the hood that many gamers may take for granted. While I’m not entirely against paid DLC in the right context, the notion of releasing a “complete game” should put Nintendo fans concerns to rest in terms of design focus for X & Y.

Nintendo may have been late to the digital race,  but that doesn’t mean they aren’t starting to gain some ground with smart business moves. With intelligent stances on non mandatory DLC, and other notable strides like releasing Wind Waker HD digitally weeks before the physical copy,  everything under the sun from Hyrule to Kalos is benefiting from loyalty to reasonable gaming needs.

(Via Pocketgamer)

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