Used Game Block On Ps4 Could Be Implemented By Developers

This news is definitely going to give Sony a huge backlash, especially since the whole issue is not clear at all. Right before and during the Ps4 presentation, it was stated that the console wouldn’t feature any used games block and that gamers would be free to play used games on their new Ps4 consoles.

It looked like the whole thing was put to rest, but now things are unclear once again: in a recent Q&A with Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida, it’s been said that Sony isn’t going to talk about this because it’s a “publisher’s decision”

What could this mean? Actually, a lot of things: publishers may decide to block content from the used games by using a single use code to unlock it, like the Online passes which prevent gamers without a specific code to access the online portion of some games.

It could even be worse: Sony has implemented the technology and it’s up to the developers choosing if to use it or not, just like the region block on Ps3. This case could be much worse and there’s a high chance that most triple A releases may be blocked since many developers and publishers have stated that the used games market damages them as much as piracy.

How is this going to be? We’ll have to wait and see what happens but we can be sure that retail chains such as Gamestop won’t be happy about this, if it ends up being true.


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