The Last Of Us Officially Delayed

The Last Of Us is one of the most important tiles getting released on Ps3 this year. The game is being developed by Naughty Dog and it’s their second current gen project, coming after the Uncharted trilogy. The game looks better and better with each new reveal, promising a good mix of action and cinematics, with engaging plot and characters. The game was originally announced for a May release: however some rumors were circulating stating that the game has been delayed. The rumors started from a listing on the Best Buy Online Store, stating that the game would be getting released in June.

Today it’s official: The Last Of Us will be indeed delayed and the game will be released on June 14 all over the world, with a 5 weeks delay. Naughty Dog has spoken about the delay stating that to keep the game’s quality as high as possible they decided they needed extra time to avoid cutting corners to the game. Naughty Dog has a very high quality standard and they not only intend to keep it but even want to rise the bar a bit higher with this new release.

The Last Of Us is coming exclusively on Ps3.


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