Rumor: The Last Guardian Headed To Playstation 4

The Last Guardian has probably flown off the radar of more than one gamer, despite being an incredibly promising project: the game is being developed by the team behind some more “poetic” games like Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus, released on Ps2 and brough to Ps3 as an HD remaster collection. Both game feature some atypical gameplay and intirguing settings: Shadow Of The Colossus in particular is a beautiful and epic game, where the main character must take down 12 colossuses to be able to save a life. A life for a life, that’s definitely a life lesson.

The Last Guardian has been in development for a lot of years but very little new footage has been seen since its presentation: the game has also been rumored to have been cancelled but Sony has always denied these rumors. Still, new footage is still lacking, as well as some recent news on the state of the project. The only confirmed news is that three key members of the team have left and the project has ben in limbo ever since.

More rumors have surfaced about the game, stating that The Last Guardian is now a Ps4 project and it’s unknown if Sony will talk about the game at the Playstation Meeting happening the day after tomorrow if they’re going to wait until the e3. Such a big launch title will do good for the new console, that’s for sure.

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