PsVita Sells Out In Japan After Price Cut

PsVita Sells Out In Japan After Price Cut

Things are starting to get interesting for the PsVita, at least in Japan: after almost one year from the console release, sales are finally pocking up, with some nice titles coming next week and more games scheduled for the coming months.

Sony originally slashed the price of the console a couple weeks ago but the new price would only come into effect at the end of February: despite this, some retailers already slashed the price and were enjoying some decent sales.

Some rumors earlier today stated that the console had indeed enjoyed good sales for the past few days and now it’s been confirmed by some reports straight from the Japan that a lot of stores in Akihabara in Tokyo have sold out. With some long anticipated titles like Tales Of Hearts R and Soul Sacrifice coming next week, we can expect sales to go even better than this week.

What about the West? Sony has officially stated that the Vita price in North America and Europe will not drop in the near future but it’s highly likely that the Japanese company may change its ideas if these good sales will keep going strong in the next weeks.



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