Playstation 3 Official Price Cut Coming Next Week

As expected, the Ps4 unveiling won’t be the only thing happening during the Playstation Meeting coming next week, on February 20: together with the new console and, as rumors state, a new PsVita model featuring 4g connection capabilities, HDMI and Usb ports, Sony will probably do something related to the Ps3. With the new console’s announcement there’s a good chance that interest may be getting lower for the current gen console and that’s not what Sony wants, with the new console getting released at the end of the year.

Analyst Michael Patcher is pretty sure that something will be moving for the Ps3 during the event or some time after it, referring to a possible price cut which would bring the console’s price down to 199$: this move will probably be followed by Microsoft, with a Xbox 360 price cut which will be announced at E3, together with the new Microsoft game console.

A price cut for the Ps3 will probably lower the price of all the versions of the console: with some interesting bundles like the God Of War: Ascension and the Last Of Us ones, it would be nice to see the price lowered for these limited editions as well. To truly know if the price will be cut or not, we just have to wait for a few more days: the Playstation Meeting is almost upon us.


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