MLB ’13 Won’t Have Any Cross Play Functionality

In an attempt to make gamers buy the PsVita and some of the software released on the Sony handheld, Sony itself has been pushing the Cross Play functionality for Ps3 and PsVita, allowing for shared saves for both versions of games and sometimes even including the portable version as a bonus when buying the Ps3 version: almost all the latest Sony first party titles have had a PsVita version included for free.

While this looked like it was going to be the standard for games getting released on both platforms now we have a confirmation that it’s not going to be the case: Sony has recently confirmed that the latest MLB games, called MLB ’13 will be released separately on Ps3 and PsVita.

Other than gamers having to buy the game separately if they want to enjoy it on their PsVitas or Ps3s, it looks like there’s not going to be any Cross Play functionality so no shared saves and no other feature which allowed players to play the game between consoles without having to have separate save files.

Some retailers are going to have some special promotions, offering discounts for the PsVita version for all buyers of the Ps3 one: it’s still nice but it’s a shame that Sony has decided to go this way since the cross play option is probably one of the most interesting features of the PsVita.


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