Medievil Not Coming On Ps4

With the inclusion of Sir Daniel Fortesque in Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale it looked like the Medievil series would be coming back on Sony consoles. Only three games of the series were developed on Ps1 and Ps2 but the series is still considered as of the most interesting Playstation exclusives.

With the Ps4 unveiling coming in a few hours, some rumors were circulating about a possible comeback on the series on next gen harware: Guerrila Games has been rumored to have worked on a new Medievil game before starting development on Killzone: Guerrilla, the first PsVita entry of the series.

Unfortunately it looks like Daniel Fortesque won’t be coming back anytime soon: Jason Wilson, lead designer of the series stated that despite the games having a solid fan base, Sony never geenlighted possible new games of the series.

This statement really doesn’t bring too much hope: Sony doesn’t look like it’s interested to bring the series back any time soon. And that’s a shame: among all the forgotten Sony properties, Medievil is probably one of the best.

Not all hope is lost though: if the fanbase will become vocal about this issue, maybe Sony will bring the series back on next gen hardware.


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