Jak And Daxter Collection PsVita Bundle Spotted On Amazon

Jak And Daxter Trilogy has been officially announced for PsVita a few days ago: the game is the HD collection of the first three Jak And Daxter games released on Ps2 a few years ago. The Collection is already available for Ps3.

The existence of the Jak And Daxter Trilogy PsVita was revealed through an Amazon Listing. Today we get another interesting listing : on Amazon France a PsVita Wifi Jak and Daxter bundle has appeared, including a PsVita and the game. The Bundle is supposedly going to come on June 17, a date that fits right in line with the June launch of the game. With Sony needing to push its latest handheld console, this new bundle could be a goof choice.

The first Jak and Daxter game is a simple yet engaging platform, not too different from the first Crash Bandicoot games. Jak 2 and 3, however, are completely different games: these two titles feature more mature themes and an open world structure which allows Jak to explore the towns and take on main missions as well as subquests. There’s also a huge amount of collectibles so players looking for a long play time will find what they’re looking for in this collection.

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