First Killzone: Mercenary Gameplay Video

Killzone: Mercenary has the potential to do really great for the PsVita, at least in the West: the series has been known to push the limits of the Sony consoles and this time things won’t be too different. Guerilla Games has already stated that the team tried to develop a Killzone 3 on the PsVita and actually managed to do so, making Mercenary looks as good, as if not even better, than the home console Killzone game.

Some screens have been shown in the past few days and the game does indeed look gorgeous, showcasing a graphical quality never seen before in the Vita or even handheld consoles. Now a new video has surfaced, finally showing the game in motion and it looks just as good.

The game is actually shown on a HD screen thanks to the HDMI port available on the Vita development kits and it makes it even more impressive: we can only imagine how great the game will look in the Vita OLED screen. With the game looking as good as it does, the only thing we lack are gameplay details, but we can be sure of them coming in the next few days.

Killzone: Mercenary will be available exclusively on Psvita during September.


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